dir.Norman Leto/Poland/2017/107 min
Iluzjon, sala Mała Czarna
Luna, sala B

PHOTON is a sort of summary of the human knowledge about life and evolution. Narrated by Andrzej Chyra (and Steve Royal in english version), film visualizes what we know today about the history of universe. Story is presented in the form of interview between a journalist (Karolina Kominek) and a cynical, fictional scientist (Andrzej Chyra). First twenty minutes of the movie shows the beginnings of the matter, stars and planets (‘Początek’ ‘The beginning’), afterwards the story fluently transcends into the second part (‘Życie’ ‘Life’). What we do (and do not) know about the beginnings of life? How such a complex system as human was formed? Then, with a few explicit, documentary examples from a day to day life of an average family of older people (director’s actual parents), “Photon” depicts the biological foundation for occurrence such as violence or Parkinsons’s disease. The story of life ends with the mainstream-science forecasts about the end of the universe and life phenomenon as well. It gives a perfect symmetry to the first scenes of the movie showing the model of big bang and the beginning of time.


  • projection time:
    107 min
  • country/year:
  • director:
  • pictures:
    Michał Marczak, Norman Leto
  • production:
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2018 - Polityka’s Passport in the Visual Art category, 2017 – IFF New Horizons, 2017 – Gdynia. Polish Film Festival: Złoty Pazur

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