Tarzan’s Testicles

Tarzan's Testicles
dir.Alexandru Solomon/Romania, France/2017/107 min.

Sukhumi is the capital of Abkhazia, a tiny, unrecognized republic on the shores of the Black Sea. On its highest hill lies a medical institute of research on monkeys, established by the Soviets in the 1920’s. The legend states it was meant to create a hybrid between man and ape. This creature never came to life, nor has the communist New Man. Today, men and monkeys are caged in a territory ravaged by war and decades of cruelty, both victims of a failed series of experiments.


  • projection time:
    107 min.
  • country/year:
    Romania, France/2017
  • director:
  • pictures:
  • production:
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2017 – IFF Karlovy Vary, 2018 – Doc Point Helsinki, 2017 – IFF Cork, 2017 - IFF Stockholm

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