dir.Laura Bari/Canada, Argentina/2017/95 min
Kinoteka, sala 4
Iluzjon, sala Mała Czarna
Kinoteka, sala 4
Iluzjon, sala Mała Czarna

At the age of ten, Rocío was kidnapped, raped, beaten, doused in gasoline, set on re and left to die; she survived. Following the attack, the subsequent manhunt and trial that ensued, the entire country of Argentina was transfixed by Rocío’s ordeal. But for filmmaker Laura Bari, the focus is on Rocío’s journey from the age of fifteen to eighteen, a transformative age for anyone, the importance of which is magnified for this young woman. How does one survive this tumultuous age when one carries this kind of weight on one’s shoulders? For Rocío, it is in part through art, as a healing process trough creation and expression begins to take place in her life. The lm merges realism with the dream world, confirming the power  of imagination and expression to enhance the process of the emotional and physical reconstruction of an individual.

During a trip to Buenos Aires for a medical check up at the age of eighteen, Rocío meets Aldana, also eighteen, a second cousin who herself was sexually abused by her father over a period of many years. A solitary person, Aldana has severely struggled to break the ice of silence and talk. She is studying Dramatic Arts at university in her hometown, Mendoza. Perhaps because of the tools and triggers her studies provide, as she grows she begins to overcome fear and guilt to finally denounce her father. A unique and increasing complicity started immediately to be built by the two charismatic adolescents. This relation will make Rocío and Aldana’s dreams come true, and serves as a trigger to open their psyche to a positive future to come.

We will witness how Rocío and Aldana enjoy their exceptional meetings and explore places, music, circus, theater and dance in Buenos Aires and Montreal, where they worked with renowned artists from Cirque de Soleil, Theatre Omnibus, Evolucidanse, and others. The audience will bare witnesses to the many challenges they face, to their joys and to their sorrows. They are allowed to see the world through these two girls’ eyes and to walk in their shoes. Rocío and Aldana dream in order to survive, and it is through the realization of those dreams that they flourish.


  • projection time:
    95 min
  • country/year:
    Canada, Argentina/2017
  • director:
  • pictures:
    Laura Bari, Glauco Bermudez
  • production:
    GreenGround Productions, Beso Film
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2017 – IDFA Amsterdam, 2017 – IFF Mar Del Plata: Audience Award

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