I Can Come to You in Your dreams

I Can Come to You in Your dreams
dir.Wiktoria Szymańska, Juan Pablo Ramirez, Patrycja Lewandowska/Poland,Great Britain, Brazil/2017/68 min

Parallel stories connected through an intimacy with death. The living and the dead communicate through visions, memories and reality. What happens to the ones we love after their death? Can we keep them alive through our memories or perhaps by placing them in an imaginary afterlife? This film explores the parallel life that we can dream of but cannot touch. Seven people wander through memory and dream looking for the ones they loved and lost. Between the dreamscape and landscape, the dead and alive are finally allowed to communicate, because they can feel and hear each other.


  • projection time:
    68 min
  • country/year:
    Poland,Great Britain, Brazil/2017
  • director:
    Wiktoria Szymańska, Juan Pablo Ramirez, Patrycja Lewandowska
  • pictures:
    Wiktoria Szymańska
  • production:
    Luna W, Latina Estudio
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2017 – IFF Locarno, 2017 – IFF Edinburgh, 2017 – Nowe Horyzonty, Wrocław

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