Workshop: Singing for a Peace of Mind

Saturday 12th of May | 4:30 p.m. | Iluzjon

Workshop: Singing for a Peace of Mind

after the screening of “Mantra – Sounds into Silence” by Georgia Wyss

In Polish only


The film “Mantra – Sounds into Silence” shows us forms of meditation and mantras which can free our mind through sonic vibrations and bring it above the material dimension. After the screening we will work on our voice. Not only those who wish to sing professionally can work on the art of song. The voice is the main carrier of emotion and is a window into the soul. During the workshop we will try to find a voice which has the power to show us the way. We will look into ourselves and try to understand what our mantra is and what our voice is trying to teach us?


The workshop will be conducted by:

Maja Wojnarowicz – musician, singer, musical educator, neural speech therapist, founder of Pure Voice – a studio which specializes in work on voice.