Documentary Academy OKI DOKI: workshop “Free your emotions”

Sunday (13th of May) | 1:00 p.m. | Lower Silesian Film Centre, Lwów Room

In Polish
Duration: 60 min.
Free entry
The number of places is limited
Sign up at:

“Free your Emotions!” is one of the projects by the Impossible Foundation. The program of the workshops is based on scientifically confirmed methods especially adapted to Polish reality. During the workshops the children will learn to name the basic emotions, to recognize and to express them in the healthiest way for themselves as well as for others. We would like to invite children aged 8-12.

The Documentary Academy OKI DOKI is a series of screenings of documentary films for the youngest viewers merged with conversations and additional attractions. The section “I Understand You!” is made up of two films about the important subject of mutual understanding. Is the world the same everywhere? Is it the same for every one? Is everything what it seems? The films show that the key to understanding another person is to attempt to see the world through their eyes. After the films and debate, we invite you to the workshop: “Free your emotions”.


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