Werner Boote

Werner Boote embarked on his career in film as a grip and learned all the skills necessary for filmmaking on the job. He studied theatre arts, media studies and sociology at the University of Vienna and Vienna Film Academy.

After working as an assistant director for some years (with Robert Dornhelm, Ulrich Seidl, Bud Spencer, Marvin Chomsky etc.) Boote started making his own films in 1993.
Werner Boote’s early work focuses on music and includes clips such as “Anouk – Sacrifice” (1999) and “Andrea Bocelli – Cieli di Toscana” (2002). He went on to make numerous award-winning music documentaries such as “Kurt Tydl – Der Gladiator” (2007), which was nominated for the European Film Award, and his unconventional documentary TV series on operas for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF.