Stefanie Brockhaus

Stefanie Brockhaus is an independent filmmaker from Munich, Germany.
In 2002 Stefanie graduated from London College of Communications, University of the Arts with a BA in Film and Television. In 2016 Stefanie received her diploma in documentary directing from the Munich University of Television and Film (HFFFilmography
JAM (10min), Director, 2003
THE CHILD WITHIN (10min), Director, 2008
ON THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE (90min), Director / producer, 2010
THE CAPTAIN AND HIS PIRATE (90min), Director: Andy Wolff, Producer: A.Wolff & S. Brockhaus.
THE POETESS (90min), Co-Director and Co-Producer, 2017
SOME THINGS ARE HARD TO TALK ABOUT (75min), Director and producer, 2017