Ramia Suleiman

Ramia Suleiman is a Syrian artist, born in 1975. She received her BA and MA in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University.

After fifteen-year career as a freelance artist in Damascus, she moved to Beirut and set up “ Artafif”, a studio which works on long-term art and design projects. One of these projects is Mdawar, which focuses on up-cycling fine objects. Examples of the these products can be found at mdawar.com.

During her residence in Lebanon, she became interested in film whilst working as an animator with a short film “ My Name Is L”. This interest continued to develop when she met the film director Leonard Retel Helmrich, and began working with him on his documentary “The Long Season” as a co-camera woman. This unique collaboration later led to her moving to Amsterdam to finalise the film with the postproduction team.