Mikala Krogh

1_Having started her career very early in life, documentary director Mikala Krogh (born 1973) is already an institution within Danish documentary filmmaking. When graduating from The Danish Film School as a documentary director in 2001, Mikala Krogh had already worked on large-scale productions. Mikala Krogh’s style of filmmaking is distinct and original and her topics often serious. Krogh is never afraid of making films that matter, working with topics such as child cancer, pollution and overpopulation, nazi guild and forgiveness, prostitution and drug dealing.
A Year of Hope (2017)
The Newsroom – Off the Record / Ekstra Bladet – Uden for Citat (2014)
A Normal Life (2012)
Me and My Twin (2011)
Cairo Garbage – Cities on Speed (2009)
Everything is relative (2008)
Beth’s Diary (2006)