Maasja Ooms

Maasja Ooms has completed the Photo Academy and the Film Academy in the early nineties. After having worked as a cinematographer for about 15 years, she has developed herself into an editor. At first she worked on documentaries she had filmed herself, later on she also edited other films and worked as an edit coach. Because of her strong involvement as a cinematographer with respect to content, the films became a collaborative effort, in co direction.
In 2013 Maasja started an extensive research, focussing on observations about the behaviour between people. This led to the production of two films, which Maasja directed, filmed and edited. Tussen Mensen (55’, VPRO, 2015) and ALICIA (90’, VPRO, 2017, IDFA Dutch competition).

• Tussen Mensen – 55’ – 2015
• Alicia – 90’ – 2017