Jan Gassmann

Jan Gassmann, 34, is a director working on the borderline between fiction and documentary filmmaking. At the age of 21, he first entered the competition at the Berlin Film Festival with his documentary Chrigu (2007), which won the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. Many other festivals (including Acid Cannes) and awards followed.
Since then, he has been back in Berlin twice, with Off Beat (2010) and Europe, She Loves (2016). His other movies, Karma Shadub (2013) and Heimatland (an omnibus film he initiated; 2015), won awards in the main competitions at the Nyon and Max Ophüls Festivals, respectively, and premiered at Locarno. His films are theatrically released in Switzerland and neighboring countries and widely screened at festivals. He is a member of the European and Swiss Film Academies and currently lives in Zurich.