Davis Simanis

Dāvis Sīmanis is a Latvian filmmaker and theorist. He has directed number of poetic documentary films as well as cross-genre features. Dāvis Sīmanis also lectures on the film theory and history in film schools in Latvia and Finland.
Films (selected):
Mover (in Post-Production, feature fiction, director)
D is for Division (2018, documentary
Pelnu Sanatorija / My Peaceful Place of Exile (2016, feature fiction)
Escaping Riga (2014, documentary, 70min)
Pēdējā tempļa hronikas / The Chronicles of the Last Temple (2013, documentary, 60 min)
Pasaules skaņa / Sounds Under the Sun (2010, documentary, 62min, Co-directed with Gints Grūbe)
Valkyrie Limited (2009, documentary, 52min)
Zīmētājs / The Draughtsman (2007, documentary, 20min)
Version.LNO, 2006, documentary, 26min

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