Camilla Magid

Camilla Magid is an award-winning documentary filmmaker born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied Film at the University of Copenhagen and Arabic Language and Culture at the Royal Danish Defense College.

From this platform she made her first documentary, The Black Lines (2006), shot in Syria. She has since made several documentaries in Denmark, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Her previous film, White Black Boy (2012), about a boy with albinism in Tanzania, was nominated by the Danish Critic Association and has travelled to numerous film festivals.

Land of the Free, 92 min. Documentary, Final Cut for Real, 2017

White Black Boy, 58 min, Documentary, Four Hands Film & Safina Film, 2012

Winter Holiday, 14 min, Doc., Four Hands Film, 2008

The Black Lines, 29 min, Doc., Safina Film, 2006