Shut Up And Play The Piano

Shut Up And Play The Piano
dir.Philipp Jedicke/United Kingdom, Germany/2018/82 min

Chilly Gonzales is a Grammy-winning composer, virtuoso pianist and entertainer. Criss-crossing between rap, electro and solo piano music, he became the outrageous pop performer who invited himself to the ivory tower of classical music. The eccentric artist inspires and collaborates with the likes of Feist, Jarvis Cocker, Peaches, Daft punk and Drake.

Change seems to be the only constant in Gonzales’ journey. Every time his audience thinks it has finally figured him out, he makes a radical move and breaks with its expectations.

The cinematic documentary Shut Up and Play the Piano follows Gonzales from his native Canada to late 90’s underground Berlin, and via Paris to the world’s great philharmonic halls. It dives deep into the dichotomy of Gonzales’ stage persona, where self-doubt and megalomania are just two sides of the same coin.

The playfulness of Gonzales’ character is mirrored in the look of the film. Using Gonzales’ extensive video archive in a rather unorthodox manner, Shut Up And Play The Piano explores his persona by interweaving newly shot interviews and concert scenes with fictional materials of totally different time periods. Reality and fiction blur together as we embark on a trip through Chilly Gonzales’ world.

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  • projection time:
    82 min
  • country/year:
    United Kingdom, Germany/2018
  • director:
  • pictures:
    Marcus Winterbauer, Marcel Kolvenbach
  • production:
    Rapid Eye Movies
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2018 – IFF Berlinale

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